Preparing students to be the next generation of workers is vitally important.

Be a Part of the Youth Apprenticeship Movement

South Dakota's high school students have the unique opportunity to do just this by participating in a Youth Apprenticeship program. The program combines high school curriculum and career and technology training with critical on-the-job training performed at a local business. Students can pull in a paycheck through part-time work while earning a national credential in one of many high-demand occupations. South Dakota's business and industry need highly-skilled workers. Registered Apprenticeship works to build a solid workforce pipeline for the future.

Innovative Business and Education Partnership

Combining a relevant education with critical on-the-job experience provides the makings for a successful career. In fact, apprenticeships are the pinnacle of work-based learning opportunities. That’s the formula that drives South Dakota's Youth Apprenticeship program. It truly gives South Dakota’s youth an opportunity to earn while they learn. This forward-focused program works to ensure a well-educated, well-trained workforce for South Dakota’s continued competitiveness in attracting and retaining business and industry.

Employers can:

  • Create crucial recruitment pipelines
  • Decrease costly turnover
  • Influence, mold and shape potential future employees

High school apprentices can:

  • Bring in a paycheck while they learn
  • Enhance their employability by obtaining critical sought-after work skills
  • Strengthen their academic skills and in turn their academic success.
  • High school completion is a requirement of the program
  • Could earn post-secondary credits to get a jumpstart on furthering education

For educators:

  • Apprenticeships are a great way for students to get on-the-job training as they put their classroom knowledge and skills to work for a business. Some apprenticeships even offer college credit or the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certification.
  • Apprenticeships can help improve student engagement. Students must finish high school before they can finish their apprenticeship, so there is an added incentive for kids to stay in school.
  • Apprenticeships may be reflected in a school district’s graduate follow-up report. All students in an apprenticeship program can be reported as employed.
  • Students not only gain employable skills in an apprenticeship, they can also earn a decent wage to help pay for books, college tuition and clothing, or to start a savings account.
  • School districts/career centers/post-secondary institutions can own these programs as intermediaries and do not have to be associated with a union to operate.

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