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Important things participating businesses need to know about apprenticeships in South Dakota.

Apprenticeship Opportunities for South Dakota Employers

Below is a list of useful websites to help you become a participating employer or sponsor in South Dakota’s Registered Apprenticeship program. 

U.S. DOL Employer Toolkit 
Funding Resources
Federal Youth Labor Laws FAQ 
Youth Hazardous Manufacturing & Construction Exemptions Chart
Youth Hazardous Occupation Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

How much am I required to pay an apprentice?
You must at least pay minimum wage and have one wage increase during the Registered Apprenticeship program.

How do I provide the related instruction?
You can provide this on-site, online, or partner with an educational entity.

Can I charge an apprentice to take part in the program?

What are the responsibilities of the Office of Apprenticeship (OA)?

  • Registering apprenticeship programs that meet federal and state standards
  • Protecting the safety and welfare of apprentices
  • Issuing nationally recognized and portable Certificates of Completion to apprentices
  • Promoting the development of new programs through marketing and technical assistance
  • Assuring all programs provide high-quality training
  • Assuring all programs produce skilled, competent workers

How many Registered Apprentices can I have at one time?
This is based on the allowable ratio of fully trained mentors (current employees) to apprentices the occupation allows.

Find more frequently asked questions and answers on the U.S. Department of Labor’s website.

Webinar Recordings

Sponsor Responsibilities + Start Today SD Registered Apprenticeship Funding Webinar Recording (Monday, May 22)

Learn more about sponsor's responsibilities in developing and implementing a Registered Apprenticeship Program in this recording of our May 22 webinar

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Registered Apprenticeships Webinar Recording (Wednesday, May 10)

Learn more about our development and expansion incentives, as well as financial services to support registered apprenticeships in this recording of our May 10 webinar.

Questions can be directed to the Start Today Team at  

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