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Looking to build a qualified workforce? Be an employer sponsor in the Registered Apprenticeship program in South Dakota. As a sponsor, you can ensure workers obtain the right skills you need. Plus, you get a committed employee on the path to advancement.



Employer Benefits

Employer Benefits of offering a Registered Apprenticeship program include the following items:


Increased Productivity & Knowledge

Increased Productivity & Knowledge

Increased productivity and knowledge transfer due to on-the-job learning from an assigned mentor combined with related technical instruction.

Safety Training & Stability

Safety Training & Stability

Emphasis on safety training that often reduces workers’ compensation costs. A stable and predictable pipeline for the development of qualified workers.



State and National Recognition of the training program.

Additional Details

Can I Charge an Apprentice to Take Part in the Program?

Yes. Whether or not an apprentice is charged for all or a portion of the related instruction depends on the situation and often the occupation. For instance, programs that involve a union often cover the cost of related instruction through union dues. As another example, when a community college or technical institution is the provider, there is often tuition involved. In some situations, the related instruction component may be funded by “grant” dollars or special programs.

Expectations & Requirements:


DLR Business Registration

Complete the following forms and email to

  1. Registered Apprenticeship Provider Packet – Includes Form 10a and Form 70 (Adobe Sign)
  2. Provide a copy of each occupation(s) Appendix A as part of the RAP Standards. These documents can be obtained through the RAP sponsor.

DLR Apprentice Enrollment

The apprentice will work with a DLR Employment Specialist to complete the enrollment process and receive ongoing support throughout their RAP.

To begin the enrollment process, submit a Request Form, and your apprentice will be contacted by DLR to complete the process.


Apprenticeship Registration Verification

Business submits the following documentation to DLR after apprentice has completed enrollment:

  1. ETA 671 (Apprenticeship Agreement) to verify training start date. This agreement is in the U.S. DOL Office of Apprenticeship RAPIDS database.
  2. Registered Apprentice Program On-the-Job Learning Plan Agreement (Form 51)

Request Payment

After 90 days of RAP training and apprentice status verification, payment will then be released to business following the Provider Payment Authorization (Form 70, completed in Step 1). Use of investment funds is encouraged to offset costs related to training needs (e.g., supplies, salaries, supportive services,  related technical instruction, etc.).

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