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Start Today SD Apprenticeship Funding

Expanding apprenticeships in South Dakota by supporting new and existing programs.

Wherever you are in the Registered Apprenticeship process, we have the resources and support for you

Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) offer a successful workforce training model and a wide variety of apprenticeable occupations. Registered Apprenticeship Policy 5.51 outlines the National Apprenticeship System, RAP components, and other details for RAPs.

To better support and expand RAPs across South Dakota, Start Today SD has resources available to support businesses, sponsors, apprentices, and journey-level mentors with training costs of RAPs. Please visit the Start Today SD Financial Services Policy for details, but here are a few options:

Registered Apprenticeship Program Development and Expansion Incentives

Start Today SD offers financial support for new and existing sponsors to alleviate upfront costs for development and expansion of building Registered Apprenticeship programs.

Employers or organizations wanting to DEVELOP a NEW RAP

  • One-time incentives for up to $15,000 are available for applicants looking to become Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor.
  • Employers, education or training providers, community organization, or industry associations are encouraged to apply.

Current RAP Sponsors wanting to EXPAND existing RAPs [add additional occupation(s)]

  • One-time incentives for up to $10,000 are available for sponsors already registered with U.S. DOL who want to expand their program to include additional occupation(s), as well as upgrading of existing RAPs to meet new industry standards (e.g. purchasing or retrofitting equipment and related training).
  • Current Registered Apprenticeship sponsors are encouraged to apply.

To apply for either of these incentives

  • Please complete the Program Development and Expansion application.
  • Before submitting your application, you will need to prepare:
    • Program information including the on-the-job learning provider and related instruction provider.
    • Application Narrative including program vision, workforce needs addressed, partnerships, and sustainability plan.

Financial Services to Support Registered Apprentices

  • Start Today SD will work to support sponsors, employers providing on-the-job learning, apprentices, and journey-level mentor during the initial six-month training period. Related Instruction funding is available to help offset the educational component of Registered Apprenticeships.
  • Wage reimbursement available for both the journey-level mentor and apprentice wages.
  • Incentives for journey-level mentors for their efforts to train the future workforce. Supportive services are available to help to offset costs associated with work, such as tools, uniforms, transportation, childcare, etc. 

To apply for  financial services

These efforts are designed to support new and existing registered apprenticeship programs and apprentices. The Start Today Team offers technical assistance and support no matter where you are at in the process. It has never been easier to develop or expand your Registered Apprenticeship program.

Now Matters. Start Today. Succeed Tomorrow.

Sponsor Responsibilties + Start Today SD Apprenticeship Funding Webinar Recording (Monday, May 22)

Learn more about sponsor's responsibilities in developing and implementing a Registered Apprenticeship Program in this recording of our May 22 webinar

Questions can be directed to the Start Today Team at  

Registered Apprenticeships Webinar Recording (Wednesday, May 10)

Learn more about our development and expansion incentives, as well as financial services to support registered apprenticeships in this recording of our May 10 webinar.

Questions can be directed to the Start Today Team at  

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