The Registered Apprenticeship Program – Get Paid While You Learn

Registered Apprenticeships are an excellent post-secondary option as they allow for applied learning and increase the relevancy to the education an apprentice is receiving. In addition, Registered Apprenticeships get paid while they learn.

A Registered Apprenticeship is an alternate route from traditional schooling for those looking for hands on career experience.


Structured Learning and On-The-Job Training

Registered Apprenticeship programs have minimum qualifications that must meet parameters established under the National Apprenticeship Act which is designed to protect the welfare of the apprentice. Additionally, program sponsors may identify further minimum qualifications and credentials to apply (i.e., education, age, and ability to physically perform the essential functions of the occupation). Sponsors can also require additional qualifications for the selection method such as fair aptitude tests and interviews, school grades, and previous work experience.

An apprentice will experience both structured learning and on-the-job training. Both styles of learning will allow the apprentice to immediately apply their knowledge in a hands-on way that is relevant to their field. In concurrence with their studies, the apprentice must meet a set amount of training hours in order to earn their certification. The eligible starting age can be no less than 16 years of age in compliance with labor laws. For more youth employment information, please visit the U.S. DOL website.

With programs that advance as quickly as technology does, Registered Apprenticeships are effective in preparing a new generation of highly skilled and competent workers.

Benefits of a Registered Apprenticeship

Being an apprentice in South Dakota allows you to earn money while preparing for your career.

A Registered Apprenticeship gives you:

  • Improved skills and competencies  that meet the specific needs of the employer
  • Incremental wage increases  as skills improve
  • On-the-job training  and occupation focused education
  • Career advancement  opportunities
  • Industry issued, nationally recognized credentials  you can take anywhere
  • Opportunities  for college credit and future degrees
  • Post-secondary training without the debt
Apprenticeships Nationwide

Apprenticeships Nationwide

There are over 600,000 apprenticeships nationwide in more than 1,300 occupations.

Employed Apprentices

Employed Apprentices

Nearly 92% of apprentices retain employment with an average starting salary of $72K+/year.

Increase in Earnings

Increase in Earnings

Workers who complete apprenticeship programs earn $300,000 more over their careers than their peers who don’t.

Apprenticeship List in South Dakota

Thousands of apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of fields are available to future applicants. Not only does it cover specialty trades such as electricians, plumbers, and machinists but service trades as well including nursing, dentistry, and energy. Whatever your interest, Registered Apprenticeship will help you build the skills you need to be successful.  Find the apprenticeship opportunity for you in South Dakota.

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