Preparing students to be the next generation of workers is vitally important.

Be a Part of the Youth Apprenticeship Movement

Career opportunities exist for students to start an apprenticeship while in high school (usually 11th or 12th grade). South Dakota's high school students have the unique opportunity to do just this by participating in a Youth Apprenticeship program.  Students are provided the opportunity to remain enrolled in academic classes designed to meet high school graduation requirements while at the same time pulling in a paycheck through part-time work while earning a national credential in one of many high-demand occupations. South Dakota businesses need highly-skilled workers and Registered Apprenticeship works to build a solid workforce pipeline for the future.

Contact your local DLR job service office to start the process and build partnerships in your community. 

Innovative Business and Education Partnership

Combining a relevant education with critical on-the-job experience provides the makings for a successful career. In fact, apprenticeships are the pinnacle of work-based learning opportunities. That’s the formula that drives South Dakota's Youth Apprenticeship program. It truly gives South Dakota’s youth an opportunity to earn while they learn. This forward-focused program works to ensure a well-educated, well-trained workforce for South Dakota’s continued competitiveness in attracting and retaining business and industry.

Employers can:

  • Create crucial recruitment pipelines
  • Decrease costly turnover
  • Influence, mold, and shape potential future employees

High school apprentices can:

  • Bring in a paycheck while they learn
  • Enhance their employability by obtaining critical sought-after work skills
  • Strengthen their academic skills and in turn their academic success
  • Could earn post-secondary credits to get a jumpstart on furthering education

For educators:

  • Apprenticeships are a great way for students to get on-the-job training as they put their classroom knowledge and skills to work for a business. Some apprenticeships even offer college credit or the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certification.
  • Apprenticeships can help improve student engagement. Students must finish high school before they can finish their apprenticeship, so there is an added incentive for kids to stay in school.
  • Apprenticeships may be reflected in a school district’s graduate follow-up report. All students in an apprenticeship program can be reported as employed.
  • Work-based learning (such as apprenticeships) has been shown to increase high school completion rates
  • Students not only gain employable skills in an apprenticeship, but they can also earn a decent wage to help pay for books, college tuition, and clothing, or to start a savings account.
  • School districts/career centers/post-secondary institutions can own these programs as intermediaries and do not have to be associated with a union to operate.

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