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Apprenticeship Programs: Home Health Aide Mentor

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Apprenticeship Programs: Home Health Aide Mentor

I’m Ashley Kingdon Reese with Independent Health Solutions in Huron, South Dakota. We provide in-home care for aging adults, chronically ill and disabled individuals in our community. We created our apprenticeship program because we wanted to promote professional development within our agency while providing hands-on training to build the skill set needed for a Home Health Aide Mentor for our agency.

Our Home Health Aide Mentor is Melissa Heath. She came to us with a background providing direct patient care as a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA. Still, she wanted to develop her career in healthcare professionally and needed to earn a living while she learned.

My advice to other businesses is, “You have nothing to lose” with the apprenticeship program. You can teach the specific skills needed to fit your company.

To apply, visit or your Job Service office for more information on our program.  Applications are always accepted, but the start date is based on availability.

See Melissa's video story