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Apprenticeship Program: Hot Glass Gaffer

Mind Blown Studio | Deadwood

Apprenticeship Program: Hot Glass Gaffer  

My name is Toni Gerlach, and I own and operate the glass blowing studio, Mind Blown Studio, located in downtown Deadwood, SD. I have been in business for over seven years. I have two apprentices, Zachary Cincotta and Jasmine Whitler. 

I decided to create an apprenticeship program because I am very passionate about the artistry of glass blowing. When I got started, it was a challenge finding a gaffer and/or a studio that would take on an apprentice or even teach classes. Therefore, I wanted to officially start an apprentice program for those interested in the craft. Additionally, it provided me with the opportunity to create my own assistants and coworkers. 

I would advise other businesses this is an excellent opportunity to share your passion with others interested in it. I found it amazing how many people wanted to learn and participate in glass blowing; some are even willing to do it for free. The time and energy put into it is worth the teamwork, collaboration and growth it provides.   

Potential apprentices who are interested may contact me directly at 605.571.1071. The sooner the better!