Registered Apprenticeship Spotlight | Kaitlyn

Huron Regional Medical Center | Huron



Huron Regional Medical Center | Huron

Apprenticeship Program: CNA

 Why did you choose this apprenticeship? 
I chose the apprenticeship because I wanted to get started in the medical field and it felt like the best way to achieve that.
What have the benefits been of your apprenticeship? 
It has benefited me by giving me some job experience, an understanding how my future workplace functions, and helping me make a final decision on wanting to go into the medical field.
What are your future plans? 
In the future I want to either go to South Dakota State University or Mitchell Tech to achieve my BSN and become a Nurse Practitioner.
What is your advice for someone who is interested in an apprenticeship in nursing? 
Do it. The program will only benefit you. If you are interested in going into nursing or another medical career you will get a wide variety of experience. You also get to see and learn about many interesting things. If you aren’t certain what you’d like to do in that field yet, you are exposed to a lot of different people who can help you in making a decision.