Registered Apprenticeship Spotlight | Macy

A to Z Technologies | Midland


A to Z Technologies | Midland

My name is Macy LaPlante.  I am from Eagle Butte, SD (a small reservation). I chose this apprenticeship because it is a great program. This program helped me learn a lot of new and interesting things. It was a great opportunity for me to work with animals and get hands on experience. I am also ahead in all my classes because of all the new things a learned from this apprenticeship.  

I believe this program benefited me in many ways. One is being ahead in my classes. Second is being able to work and learn new things from different people. Third is being able to work with Cole and Vicky and learn new and different techniques that I can use in my future employment.  

Some of my future goals are to join a vet clinic practice in South Dakota to get more experience. I want to be able to work with both cows and horses wherever I am working.  

My advice for someone interested in this apprenticeship program would be having background knowledge of the animals you are working with. Also, make sure you create relationships with your coworker(s).