An apprenticeship gives you job skills you need for your career in South Dakota and you earn a paycheck at the same time.

The Registered Apprenticeship Program - Get Paid While You Learn

Are you looking for a high-paying job? Do you want valuable job skills but don’t want a traditional college experience? With an apprenticeship, you can obtain the training you need while working in your chosen career. Registered Apprenticeships have sometimes been called “the other college” because they are an easy and affordable alternative to gain knowledge and experience that can jumpstart your career. The “Earn and Learn” training model combines structured learning with on-the-job training from an assigned mentor. Students will be able to apply their knowledge to real work experience and get paid with a wage that increases as their skills do. 

A Registered Apprenticeship is an alternate route from traditional schooling for those looking for hands on career experience. 

Structured Learning and On-The-Job Training

Registered Apprenticeship programs have minimum qualifications that must meet parameters established under the National Apprenticeship Act which is designed to protect the welfare of the apprentice. Addtionally, program sponsors may identify further minimum qualifications and credentials to apply (i.e. education, age, and ability to physically perform the essential functions of the occupation). Sponsors can also require additional qualifications for the selection method such as fair aptitude tests and interviews, school grades, and previous work experience.

An apprentice will experience both structured learning and on-the-job training. Both styles of learning will allow the apprentice to immediately apply their knowledge in a hands on way that is relevant to their field. In concurrence with their studies, the apprentice must meet a set amount of training hours in order to earn their certification. The eligible starting age can be no less than 16 years of age in compliance with labor laws. For more youth employment information, please visit the U.S. DOL website.

With programs that advance as quickly as technology does, Registered Apprenticeships are effective in preparing a new generation of highly skilled and competent workers.

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