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Find answers to your questions about apprenticeships in South Dakota.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apprenticeships in South Dakota

How long does it take to complete a Registered Apprenticeship program?
This is based on the occupation, but anywhere from one to six years with the majority taking four years.

How much will I make while in a Registered Apprenticeship program?
Each employer determines how much to pay their employees. During a Registered Apprenticeship program, each employee will receive at least one wage increase.

Does it cost me anything to be a Registered Apprentice?
The Registered Apprenticeship sponsor determines if there is a cost for an apprentice. An apprentice may be asked to pay for tools, books, a portion of the related instruction, etc. If you are in need of assistance for such costs, you can contact your local
DLR job service office to learn more about workforce training assistance. 

How long is the structured learning?
The structured learning is at least 144 hours per year. Each Registered Apprenticeship sponsor structures this learning component differently.

What are the Funding Resources?
You can learn more about how apprenticeships are funded by visiting Apprenticeship USA.

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